Our Mission

Since 2003, more than 50% of the youth in the system return within three years of release. Those released from secure youth development campuses have a 65% recidivism. All programming is designed as integrative social therapy and education addressing the complete individual. We understand the sociocultural backgrounds of program participants requires a trauma-informed approach to instruction and care. Youth are learning progressive holistic life skills while simultaneously un-learning harmful and reactionary behaviors which may have been the cause of their prior incarceration. We believe a young person’s reintegration must address disparities present both before and as a result of incarceration. We strive to enlighten each participate to the ways of holistic or “conscious” living. Our mission is to provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to our formerly incarcerated that live in underserved communities.

With the help of our most vulnerable population, our local farms are full of delicious organic food, our markets and businesses are teeming with commerce, and our communities are vibrant and happy. We actively regenerate our ecological, economic, and social landscapes.

With longevity, we hope to partner with corrections facilities to engage participants pre-release and increase community involvement to challenge preconceived attitudes toward ex-offenders and at-risk youth.

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